It’s a question that’s long been pondered – just what IS the secret of comedy?  Funnily enough (see what I did there?) Secret of Comedy offers a variety of courses for both aspiring and professional writers and performers to help them discover the answer.

Ever thought you were funnier than people who earn their living at comedy?  Trying to muster the confidence to get up on stage at an open mic night?  Got an idea for a sitcom, but don’t know how to set about developing it into a script?  Written a script already, and want feedback on whether or not it works?  Or perhaps you just want to know how to hold the attention of an audience at those presentations you have to give for your job, or you fancy sharpening up your professional performing skills.

Secret of Comedy caters for all your comedy needs in writing, standup and performing.  It’s run by Diane Messias, a comedy professional with 30 years experience at the top echelon of the industry as a writer, script editor, director, producer, performer and broadcaster, with credits ranging from One Foot In The Grave to The News Quiz, via theatre and after-dinner speaking.  Having worked in a variety of roles with some of the most famous household names in British comedy and the world of acting, Diane is uniquely placed to improve and hone your comedy skills, whether as an amateur or seasoned professional.

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Stage 32 Next Level Webinars Presents: The New Years Resolution Series

How to Write a Sitcom in One Easy Webinar

Hosted by Diane Messias, former BBC Director and Producer

How many times have you watched a funny show and thought ‘I can do that’? Or expected to laugh, but not heard any jokes? Perhaps you feel your whole existence is just one long comedy script, and it’s your mission to show how art imitates life…

…whatever your motivation, sitcom writing is fun, safe, and you can try it at home! As with other genres, there are rules and techniques, tricks of the trade and logistical considerations to contemplate, all of which Diane Messias will discuss in this instructional webinar. If you’re passionate about witty dialogue, or curious about plot creation, prepare for the mysteries of good comic writing to unfold.

Join Diane Messias, a 30-year veteran in comedy and former Director & Producer from the BBC, who’s long list of credits include the UK’s best loved sitcom, One Foot in the Grave. For more of Diane’s bio, click here.

Who should attend?

  • Writers
  • Screenwriters
  • Playwrights
  • Filmmakers

What Diane will cover:

  • What makes a good situation?
  • How to create strong comedy characters
  • The importance of episode structure
  • Pacing the script
  • Where jokes come from (no, it’s not Walmart. Unless they’re on sale.)
  • Getting your characters to interact with each other
  • Planning future episodes
  • What makes sitcom different to comedy drama
  • The pros and cons of audience vs non-audience; studio vs location
  • How to be funny
  • But not funnier than the author of this webinar

How the webinar works

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