Oo look, an interview with me!  Check out the The Talent Bank, a new online creative portal for anyone who works in the arts and media in whatever guise, in whatever area.

Interview With Me


Stage 32 is an online facility for creatives in the Film, TV and Theatre industry.  Based in LA, its reach is worldwide.

I wrote a couple of blog pieces for the site (as well as giving a 2-hour webinar on How To Write Sitcom (check out the details of that on the Welcome page), recounting some of the odd things that have happened to me in my odd career:-

Does My Pun Look Good In This Part 1


Four 5′ comedy monologues on shopping for The Culture Show with Janice Forsyth, BBC Radio Scotland.




My contribution to a six-part BBC Radio 4 series, The Frequency of Laughter, which looked back at favourite radio comedy shows between 1975 – 2005.




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